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Thanks to pa Ahok

Posted by pei pei on June 6, 2017

every morning i wait for the free busway in this location.. it has shelter

the free bus provided by our governor ahok

u can download the application ‘trafi’ to check the nearest bus and next bus position

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Posted by pei pei on May 26, 2017

ppt semua updated. and i think we are ready for pcp n payroll blueprint confirmation.

thanks to mas Nanang n pa Bimo n pa Berry yg bnyk ksh arahan ūüôā

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ascension day

Posted by pei pei on May 25, 2017

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May 9 2017 RIP Justice

Posted by pei pei on May 9, 2017

shocking news the judges final decision is to state ahok guilty and gave him 2-years jailed. not fair for him. 

can only pray n visit him while in jail hope that he will be ok n fine. 

still not able to accept the condition a good person sent to jail because of the majority people accused him with subjectivity, while he only a victim of wordings by other people.  its not acceptable really. 

but maybe God wanted him to be like Joseph he will become further greatest man. Pa Ahok already a great man. i see a diamond in him. God will protect him and bless him everywhere he goes. amen! 

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busy days

Posted by pei pei on April 12, 2017

busy days are coming.. after upgrade condition in prod is quite different from simulation. dont know why

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Posted by pei pei on April 3, 2017

hr ini mau pagi2 dtg ke kntr. semangaaat! 

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Grown up son

Posted by pei pei on March 14, 2017

mama liat harga buah pepaya di all fresh.. kok mahal sekitar 17rb per kg biasanya sih cuma 9rb or 10rb

trus doi tau mama need pepaya.. anakku trus bilang gini: beli aja yg penting sehat, mahal or ngga mah ga penting.. haha i just smile how come he is so grown up.. 

trus aware he added chat di whatsapp seorang tmn cewe yg di kelasnya.. ketauan ternyata anakku jadi wakil ketua kelas sejak Jan 2017.. i asked him what is his responsibility.. he become the watchman for his class

im so proud of u son!!  

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ahok,  jakartans need u! 

Posted by pei pei on February 18, 2017

#tetapahok #jakartabutuhahok 
if ahok lost in 2nd round, its hard to imagine Jakarta like current state or in a better condition.. 
we might face previous conditions where we saw dirty Jakarta, not clean,  garbage everywhere,  corruptions everywhere and flood everywhere..  
we will have regrets, cause actually ahok has given us miracle proofs in his short time period,  he deserves to be given one more chance,  one more period to fix DKI Jakarta. 
to lead by example and develop a good culture in DKI Jakarta (building a good culture takes time!) and then after the one period given to ahok,  then the next governor of DKI Jakarta can continue the good culture and the systems have been developed and pioneered by ahok.  
we have to give him a chance.. cause with ahok, its about educating our people,  building good culture and develop systems for future DKI Jakarta and Indonesia!  

its NOT about choosing a religion leader,  its about choosing someone with a good leadership who can fight for a better Jakarta!
#tetapahok #jakartabutuhahok 
kalau ahok kalah di putaran 2, ga kebayang Jakarta bakal seperti sekarang ini dan lebih better lagi.. 
mungkin akan balik ke kondisi awal Jakarta kotor, semrawut, dana pajak yg disetor buat pembangunan dipakai segelintir oknum penuh korupsi dan banjir lagi. 
banyak yang mungkin akan menyesal sendiri karena sebenarnya ahok sudah memberikan bukti nyata dalam periode yg cukup pendek,  sehingga layak diberikan kesempatan utk memperbaiki Jakarta di satu periode ke depan ini (ahok layak mendapatkan kesempatan ini) untuk membangun budaya kerja yg benar di lingkungan pekerja DKI Jakarta (membangun budaya baik membutuhkan waktu melawan budaya lama yang sudah mengakar!) dan baru setelah itu akan bisa membantu calon gubernur DKI Jakarta berikutnya tinggal meneruskan budaya baik dan sistem yg sudah berjalan yg sdh dibangun dan dirintis oleh ahok. 
kita sebaiknya memberikan kesempatan satu periode lagi kepada ahok, karena dengan ahok sumber daya manusia dididik, budaya kerja yg baik dibangun, sistem dasar untuk DKI Jakarta dan Indonesia yang lebih baik ke depan dibangun!  
ini sama sekali BUKAN tentang memilih pemimpin agama. memilih ahok adalah memilih seorang dengan kepemimpinan yg baik yang bisa berjuang untuk Jakarta yang lebih baik!

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busy days

Posted by pei pei on February 14, 2017

dear Jesus,  thanks to You.. 

love my current role..  hope that im able to make it thru

#pray for ahok

kami patahkan segala kuasa jahat dan kuasa kegelapan di dalam nama Tuhan Yesus 

pilkada akan berjalan dengan lancar,  tertib,  jujur dan perhitungan suara dilakukan dg kondisi apa adanya sesuai hasil suara rakyat.  amin

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Posted by pei pei on January 29, 2017

‚ÄčCify of Love Church – Edward Supit

The decisions and the choices we made

will shape us

shape our characters

choose the wise decision

ibrani 11:23-27

success begins at the moment u decide to be urself

live ur identity to glorify Jesus in the world
moses may hv these as firaun’s son:

fame,  fortune,  celebrity,  power,  prestige,  powerful,  status
he chose the difficult path to love God:

slave,  disgraced,  hardwork,  humiliated,  pain n sorrow
most people trying to be someone they are not

who defined ur identity? 

1. GOD made u to be u! 

roma 12:2

jgnlah km mjd serupa dg dunia. our purpose is to please GOD not to please d world
2. im going to do what God wants me to do

3. i want to fulfil GOD’s plan not any other plan
Yeremia 29:11

God knows His plan for us. 
ibrsni 11:25
the world:

i want it instant,  i want it free,  i want it easy life

i want it now
sins: smoking, sex before marriage
bersakit sakit dulu,  bersenang senang kmdn

choose short term pain,  for long term gain
refuse the negative and choose the positive at the same time

no pain no gain
choose the difficult path and walk with God,  not a temporary pleasures

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